Monday, 30 January 2012

Happy Monday

Last Monday (January 24th) was named the worst day in the year as people had all their bills following Christmas but not a fresh pay cheque to pay for it.  Not only that but most people's new years resolutions have often failed by the third week in January.  Of course, there is always a glimmer of light, and today is being called Happy Monday, as most people have either been paid or or within days of that January pay cheque.

So if January has seemed a long month and Christmas is a distant memory then take advantage of the Winter Sales and give yourself a treat.  Many sales end on 31st January so you have to be quick.  We have beautiful Claudia Bradby jewellery that will no longer be reduced on the 1st Feb.  Don't delay and miss out


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Earring Boxes

It is always great to have a tidy up and clear out of old clothes and the things we seem to accumulate so quickly.  Traditionally spring cleaning is the time when everything comes out of the cupboards and is tidied, especially in the kitchen .  However, I think January is great time of year to sort out clothes, jewellery and all those other things that seem to fill drawers.  It is a good opportunity to discover the clothes at the back of your cupboard that you have hardly worn especially before you stock up for more new clothes in the sale.  One thing that is is long overdue for for sort out in my house is my jewellery box or should that be boxes.  Not only does my jewellery need organising but those odd earrings that have long been looking for their partners must also go.  Earrings do seem to be one of those items of jewellery that get tangled up with other jewellery and can then get damaged.  I have looked at many earring boxes where you have to feed the earrings onto a little tab and then place them in the slot in the earring box.  I know in reality this would not happen so earring boxes with small sections where you can just place your earrings into a slot are much better.  For value and a luxurious feel the Seek Unique Earring Boxes are great.  At £15.95, they come in Ruby, or Teal, in a Stripe Design or in Navy Blue with a white polka dot design.  They make great gifts for her and at £15.95 are a great under £20 present.

I have even heard of people taken these on holiday to organise jewellery when they are away as they are lighter than most travel jewellery boxes.

So don't put it off, get the jewellery polish out and organise your jewellery while it is cold and gloomy outside.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Hanging wash bags

A sure sign that Christmas is over isn't just that the sales start and the Christmas decorations come down but almost overnight valentines gifts and Easter Eggs appear.  I can't imagine that they sell too well given that everyone is trying to stick to their detox plan after Christmas.  The one good thing about January is that we can all start to look forward to that first weekend away or holiday of the year.  Personally I love a weekend away on the Norfolk or Suffolk coast as I do love a bracing walk along the beach whilst wrapped up against the cold.  Of course if you are lucky enough to be in Aldeburgh you can always warm up with the delicious fish and chips at the Golden Galleon.  Oh dear, there goes the detox, but at least you can go for another walk and fish is good for you!!

When planning any kind of holiday it helps to have your luggage and holiday clothes organised, I finally came to this conclusion after years of over packing.  A small suitcase works better than a squashy bag if you are going for more than one night as you can organise your clothes and toiletries better.  When it comes to organising toiletries for travel, you can't beat a hanging wash bag.  The ZPM hanging wash bags are great as they have a swivel hook which are great to hang up on the back of a door.  No longer are we reduced to plain black or garish patterns as we use to be for toilet bags, the ZPM hanging wash bags come in funky designs with luxurious velvet ribbon edging and ties.  They are perfect for a valentine weekend away or that Easter holiday which is closer than you think.  If you are looking for a perfect gift for her whether it is a valentines gift of Easter gift that doesn't involve chocolate than a ZPM hanging wash bag makes a perfect gift.