Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Jewellery Stands Collection

Jewellery has become such a stylish and affordable accessory that many ladies now have a collection of fashionable jewellery to go with each outfit. In addition to this, they also have more precious jewellery to take care of. This all places a considerable strain on the jewellery box so it is worth looking at other ways of storing your jewels. Jewellery Rolls are a good way of doing this and are dual purpose as you can travel with them too. In addition to this,jewellery stands or jewellery tree as they are sometimes know not only are a useful way to organise your jewellery but are way of turning your favourite jewellery into a style statement even when you are not wearing it.

Gold Coloured Chain Jewellery Hanger

There are many different styles of Jewellery Hangers and Stands in gold and silver colours so you can select a jewellery stand that will match your bedroom decor.

Silver finish Jewellery Hanger

Styles include, tree shapes, double and single arm designs, tiers and little bird motifs.   

Like jewellery rolls, jewellery hangers and stands make great presents for her whether it is a gift for a friend, or a gift for a wife or girlfriend. It must be one of the few gifts that combines a personal gift (you can’t get much more personal than the jewellery it will display) and a gift for the home so it is sure to be a popular choice with the lucky person you are buying it for.