Monday, 19 December 2011

Last minute Christmas Present Delivery 2011

Tomorrow (Tuesday December 20th) is the last day for first class post if you want gifts to be delivered before Christmas. After that we are still accepting orders for delivery before Christmas but you will need to upgrade to our Express Next Day delivery service.  The last day we can accept Next Day delivery orders this year is Thursday, December 22nd at 1pm.  As always it's best to order as early as possible to be certain of delivery before Christmas.

We've been able to help lots of people living in places like France, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus this year who need to send last minute Christmas presents back to friends and family in the UK.  Using our website you can place a gift order, have it gift wrapped in one of our luxury gift boxes and add your own message on one of our gift tags.   This avoid expensive express international airmail and is available right up to December 22nd at 1pm.  A great service for those last minute Christmas presents.

If you have any questions, we're here to help.  Please just e-mail us at and we'll get straight back to you.


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Collar Stiffener make a great gift.

I'm told there's nothing worse than a limp collar on a mans shirt.  So many shirts these days come with those little strips of plastic which you have to put into the collar and remember to take out when it goes to be washed.  Well as it turns out those little plastic strips are so easily lost and don't really work that well to start with.  This is where a good quality Collar Stiffener comes in.   We've added a range of Collar Stiffeners from designer Simon Carter.

These are really good quality Collar Stiffeners which really present a crisp shirt collar.  For more information please see our full range of Simon Carter Collar Stiffeners.   Don't forget we can make small gifts like these extra special by packing them into one of our luxury gift boxes

Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Jewellery Stands Collection

Jewellery has become such a stylish and affordable accessory that many ladies now have a collection of fashionable jewellery to go with each outfit. In addition to this, they also have more precious jewellery to take care of. This all places a considerable strain on the jewellery box so it is worth looking at other ways of storing your jewels. Jewellery Rolls are a good way of doing this and are dual purpose as you can travel with them too. In addition to this,jewellery stands or jewellery tree as they are sometimes know not only are a useful way to organise your jewellery but are way of turning your favourite jewellery into a style statement even when you are not wearing it.

Gold Coloured Chain Jewellery Hanger

There are many different styles of Jewellery Hangers and Stands in gold and silver colours so you can select a jewellery stand that will match your bedroom decor.

Silver finish Jewellery Hanger

Styles include, tree shapes, double and single arm designs, tiers and little bird motifs.   

Like jewellery rolls, jewellery hangers and stands make great presents for her whether it is a gift for a friend, or a gift for a wife or girlfriend. It must be one of the few gifts that combines a personal gift (you can’t get much more personal than the jewellery it will display) and a gift for the home so it is sure to be a popular choice with the lucky person you are buying it for.

Monday, 27 June 2011

New Ladies Washbags just in time for your Summer Holiday.

As we look forward to the summer holidays it's good to plan ahead and consider what you are going to take and how you are going to pack.  If you are touring or have a few overnight stops you won't want to unpack everything every night.  For a long time now I've been a big fan of ladies washbags that can be hung on the back of a bathroom door.  This means that you can see everything, you have easy access to what you need and you don't have that awful rush to pack everything away after breakfast in the morning.  So thinking of this I'm pleased to say that we've added some new ladies washbags to the range just in time for your holidays which join the existing popular designs.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

50 Birthday Facts You Never Knew

This is a little bit of summer fun. We've come up with 50 facts about Birthdays, have a look and see how many you already knew. It would be great to extend this to 100 facts so if you can think of an interesting fact about birthdays that we haven't already got why not leave it in a comment below.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Graduation Gift Ideas

It's that time of year when all the studying and hard-work comes to an end and youngsters up and down the land graduate from education and prepare, hopefully, to enter the world of paid employment. This is an important milestone if their lives and is deserves to be marked by the giving of a gift which they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

For girls there is no better gift than Jewellery and at the moment there is a very special piece from Claudia Bradby that we would like to recommend:

This is the Claudia Bradby Camilla Necklace worn by Kate Middleton. Kate actually worked with Claudia to design the Silver Bean Necklace shown below:

For men it's always more difficult to think what to buy them without spending a fortune on a car or an expensive watch. We would therefore like to make two suggestions. The classic Aspirin Cufflinks from Simon Carton and a luxury Edwin Jagger Shaving set.

Don't forget that at Gifts & Jewellery we can make the gift extra special by carefully packing it in one of our luxury gift boxes.

If you have any great ideas for Graduation Gifts please leave a comment.