Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Organise your makeup

Have you noticed that the longer you have to look around for items such as car keys and shopping bags the higher your stress levels rise before you get out of the door. This stress tends to be caused by the thought of being late for work or an appointment. Of course, we all know the answer to these kind of dilemas is to be more organised and that starts from the minute you get ready in the morning. If your clothes are organised into workwear and non workwear and your handbag or laptop case is ready to go this can make you feel instantly calmer and ready for the day.

For women, all the pampering products and makeup that need to be applied before you can brave the world can also turn into a bit of long winded process. To assist this make sure that all of your products are sorted clearly into night and day sections, afterall, you don't need that smoky eyeshadow for day so why pick it up out of your makeup bag only to place it back in again. A ZPM makeup roll or makeup organiser will help you organise your makeup and makeup brushes into easy to find items. It can be folded for travel or be stored out flat so you can see your makeup through clear zipped sections and is finished in vibrant colours so you will find it in the bottom of your suitcase when you are away.

I then suggest you have a few products that you use for touch ups during the day in a small envelope styled makeup bag such as the Christopher Vine Designs satin makeup pouch. This may mean buying concealer and lipstick twice but it means that it will last twice as long.

Of course, these makeup organisers and makeup bags make excellent gifts for her and she will thank you for bring just that little bit of organisation to her busy life.

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