Monday, 2 August 2010

Kazuri - New Autumn Winter Colours

With the warm weather it really does seem to early to being thinking about anything called 'Autumn/Winter', however, the wonderful thing about Kazuri jewellery is that their beautiful shimmering colours look great at anytime of the year. Your choice is much more likely to be decided by your skintone or an outfit you want to complete with a beautiful piece of jewellery. If you love green then the stunning new Kazuri Arctic Green Pita Pat necklace is an excellent choice. Not only does it consist of beautiful shades of greens such as turquoise green, a pretty mid green and the palest pastel green it also have a gorgeous mother of pearl finish which means it shimmers in the light and never looks flat or dull as some greens can. This pita pat necklace, bracelet and earrings with bring a bright look to whites or neutral shades you may wear in the winter but will also brighten browns and blacks which we tend to be drawn towards and the cooler nights arrive.

If you love warm colours then the Kazuri Firefly collection consists of cherry, rose pink and the classic Kazuri antiqued gold coloured beads which is not only warm but pretty and sophisticated too. Not only do these colours look warm at this time of the year but who can say that they are not drawn to those warm cherry and gold colours as we approach the end of the year too!! Other colours include the Kazuri Pita Pat Necklace in Grape which makes a stunning addition to your jewellery wardrobe with it's rich purple and pewter coloured beads suits the beautiful purples, and cassis colours that will be key this coming season and therefore makes a imaginative present for her.

Kazuri continues to represent excellent value for money and an impeccable finish. Everyone I speak to who wears Kazuri is often being stopped to ask from envious ladies where they got their jewellery from. With this widespread interest it can't fail to make the perfect gift for her birthday and beacuse it is fairtrade you and the wearer can feel good about that too.

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