Tuesday, 31 August 2010

ZPM Hanging Wash Bags and Wash Bags

Whether it is a night, a weekend or a longer jaunt away from home you will of course need a stylish and organised way of storing all your pampering products. It never ceases to amaze me how many products from shampoo to moisturiser I find myself using until I have to pack them all. What should be an overnight stay which should be catered for by a small holdall looks like a weeks holiday and in need of a large suitcase. That is before you have worried yourself over the weather and how many layers you should take.

Even if you do end up with a wheeled suitcase for all your essential items that can't be left out such as winter thermals for late Summer holiday, at least if you invest if a hanging wash bag your pampering products will be organised. Uchi hanging wash bags use to be the place to look at but as they no longer exist, I have discovered ZPM which is a similar price but better than Uchi as it is made in the UK. Their stylish designs are contemporary striking but also full of practical soultions to store your pampering products. Their Hanging Washbag is perfect for storing everything you need for a break away such as shampoo, conditioner and all cleansing and moisturising products you could possibly need. As their hanging wash bag has a 360 degrees swivel hook it is perfect to hang from the bathroom door in your hotel room. It has 4 zipped compartments and one large holdall section at the bottom. It has a laminated wipe over exterior and a wipe over interior. It fastens with a velvet tie and is also trimmed with velvet which gives an added touch of luxury. The most difficult decision is deciding which colour of ZPM hanging wash bag to select. The pretty and unusual Humming Birds design has been extremely popular this season as has the ever popular dot designs in Chocolate and Pink or Pin Dot Candy.

Not only are hanging washbags bought by the people that are going to use them they also make wonderful gifts for her, whether it is as a gift for her for her holiday or a present for her birthday
or just because you know she will love it and could do with some spoiling now and again.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Lua Handbags

With all the rain and dark skies you could be forgiven for thinking that it is October already. However, with the Summer Bank Holiday weekend to look forward to there is still a little bit of time to wear your summer clothes even though your feet might get a bit wet. To compliment your clothes the Lua shoulder bags are great for adding a bit of colour if you choose the turquoise version or a 'go with anything' brown with beige dots will see you though the Autumn too.

If you have a wedding or other event to look forward to the beaded zipped top handbags are perfect at anytime of the year. The pink and purple versions add a splash of colour to a neutral outfit and the pink beige is a more demure colour to complement the ever popular nude shades that we have seen so much of this season. As with all Lua jewellery rolls and bags they also make perfect gifts for her.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

MoMo Pananche Wine Glasses for that special gift for her

For the girl that has everything, Momo Pananche wine glasses make an unusual and special gift for her. If it is her birthday the Happy Birthday MoMo Panache wine glass is an obvoius choice. All MoMo Pananche wine glasses are hand decorated and beautifully finished in different patterns. The Happy Birthday version is adorned with brightly coloured stars , petal shapes and a multicoloured stem. There is a Happy Birthday wine glass charm and is presented in a MoMo Pananche branded box complete with a bow on top for that extra special birthday gift for her.

The ever popular glow MoMo Panache wine glass is decorated with pretty stars complete with wine glass charm and presentation box and is a perfect present for her whatever the celebration.

If you have a message of love to her, then the beautiful hand painted red, pink and gold hearts
love MoMo Panache wine glass is a perfect romantic gift for her. Whoever the lucky recipient is make sure that you remember the wine to go with such an unusual gift for her.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Handbag Butlers and Handbags

This maybe shallow but I do feel a wave of excitment come over me when the all important September issue of Vogue and the other fashion magazines come out. The glossies seem to come back to life after the rather sparse Summer editions although I expect this is in part down to the pages of advertising. I never seem to put as much effort into the Summer wardrobe as the Autumn/Winter wardrobe which is probably due the climate in the UK and the fact that most of us spend the majority of the year in layers. I especially love looking at the accessories such as handbags. Although the majority are out of most people's price range it is fun to see how the High Street pays homage to the designers with the similar designs.

Of course, if you are buying a new handbag, whether it costs £16, £60 or £600 you want to look after it and keep it looking good for as long as possible. To do this the best way is to use a handbag hook. How often have you been out to lunch with a friend and there is nowhere to put your
shining new handbag except on the floor where every walks - not a great thought.

Handbag Butler Handbag Hooks are the best way to keep your handbag and it's precious contents safe and off the floor. To complement all the purples and plums around this season be it clothes, accessories and even makeup, go for the Handbag Butler in Purple Rain or Orchid. To keep it neutral the sparkly Handbag Butler in Star Struck as some diamante style glamour. If you are sticking with faithful old black for your new handbag purchase, then a constrast Handbag Butler in siren will look fabulous.

If you haven't found a bag that is right for you yet and would like
something you don't find everywhere on the High Street, then check out our range of handbags, from the ever popular brown felt fairtrade handbag from Earth Squared which you could team with the Handbag Butler in swirl or tinker to the Earth Squared plum spot lara bag there is something to suit all tastes.

Handbag Butlers also make great gifts for her whether it is a gift for her birthday or a present for her just to say 'thanks' or that you are thinking of them. In fact with so many designs to choose from you may be tempted to keep a different one in each bag.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Jewellery Rolls and Travel

I use to take the approach of placing the few pieces of jewelllery I wore when on holiday next to my watch on the bedside cabinet in the hotel room. Of course, this is fine if you want to risk knocking it all flying during the night. It isn't great way to start the day by looking for your invaluable engagement ring and earrings you wore on my wedding day before you can go to breakfeast. This fool hardy approach may even keep you awake at night, so eventually I had to give in an purchase a jewellery roll.

This may not seem like a big deal but I do have aversion to packing things that I may not use during the break, especially just a weekend away. This has lead to not packing a pair of shoes that completes an evening outfit or forgetting those comfortable albeit unstylish shoes that you really do need if you are going to walk further than just around the hotel grounds. Fortunately, at least a jewellery roll is light and small and does the job perfectly. It also allows you to take other jewellery with you to wear, afterall, holidays and weekends away are all about having time and making the effort to bother with things you may not have time for the rest of the year.

The key to selecting a jewellery roll should be based upon what jewellery you want to take with you, this may seem obvious but if you have chunky bangles that may get damaged in transit then you may want to invest in travel jewellery box for added protection. If on the other hand your jewellery tastes are smaller, a jewellery roll might be just the thing you need.

For an overnight stay or to just pack a few pieces, the Earth Squared Jewellery rolls are perfect. They come in beautiful colours and due to the small size take up minimal room in your bag.

If you on the other hand want more of the structured jewellery holder, then the travel jewellery boxes from Dulwich Designs are perfect. In fact it will be like taking a miniature version of your jewellery box away with you. If you are looking for a touch of luxury then the Dulwich Designs leather range of jewellery rolls is perfect. From this seasons colour cassis to the ever popular cream or black there is something for everyone's tastes.

At this time of the year with holidays in full swing, a jewellery roll makes a perfect gift for her whether it is a birthday gift for her or just to say 'thanks', an Earth Squared Jewellery roll or a Seek Unique Jewellery Roll represent excellent value for money, starting from just £8.99.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Kazuri - New Autumn Winter Colours

With the warm weather it really does seem to early to being thinking about anything called 'Autumn/Winter', however, the wonderful thing about Kazuri jewellery is that their beautiful shimmering colours look great at anytime of the year. Your choice is much more likely to be decided by your skintone or an outfit you want to complete with a beautiful piece of jewellery. If you love green then the stunning new Kazuri Arctic Green Pita Pat necklace is an excellent choice. Not only does it consist of beautiful shades of greens such as turquoise green, a pretty mid green and the palest pastel green it also have a gorgeous mother of pearl finish which means it shimmers in the light and never looks flat or dull as some greens can. This pita pat necklace, bracelet and earrings with bring a bright look to whites or neutral shades you may wear in the winter but will also brighten browns and blacks which we tend to be drawn towards and the cooler nights arrive.

If you love warm colours then the Kazuri Firefly collection consists of cherry, rose pink and the classic Kazuri antiqued gold coloured beads which is not only warm but pretty and sophisticated too. Not only do these colours look warm at this time of the year but who can say that they are not drawn to those warm cherry and gold colours as we approach the end of the year too!! Other colours include the Kazuri Pita Pat Necklace in Grape which makes a stunning addition to your jewellery wardrobe with it's rich purple and pewter coloured beads suits the beautiful purples, and cassis colours that will be key this coming season and therefore makes a imaginative present for her.

Kazuri continues to represent excellent value for money and an impeccable finish. Everyone I speak to who wears Kazuri is often being stopped to ask from envious ladies where they got their jewellery from. With this widespread interest it can't fail to make the perfect gift for her birthday and beacuse it is fairtrade you and the wearer can feel good about that too.