Friday, 23 July 2010

Martick Cranberry Hearts

Of all the wonderful Martick designs the most iconic is perhaps their murano glass hearts in cranberry. What sets Martick Murano Hearts apart from the competition is the quality and the design in which they are used, whether it is tiny red heart enclosed a ornate sterling silver locket such as the Martick Fancy Heart Locket or the simple Martick Cranberry Murano Heart Pendant there is something for all tastes.

New in is the Martick Murano Cranberry Heart Locket which is hung from a small beaded chain. This gives the look for a chocker style necklace only lower on the neck and much more comfortable to wear. This 16 inch beaded chain also has a 1.5 inch extension chain so it can wear it a little lower if you wish. The matching Murano Heart beaded bracelet also has a patterned silver heart charm for added interest. These bracelet beads are strung on a stretchy clear wire making this pendant and bracelet some of the easiest to wear jewellery. So if you want to inject a little romance into her life, beautiful red murano heart jewellery is the best option and lasts much much longer than a bunch of flowers.

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