Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Earth Squared Jewellery Rolls and Bags

There has been much publicity over recent years regarding fairtrade. It seems to have started with the fairtrade tea and coffee and thankfully now mainstream producers of your average teabag or coffee are happily letting you know that their products are fairtrade. I expect in part we have to thank supermarkets and other food sellers for this increased awareness as if I think back to the 1980's, fairtrade wasn't particularly in people's vocabulary as it is now. Of course, fairtrade has now moved on from food and drink and all kinds of products from gifts to homeware and clothes can boast the fairtrade label. In the past people tended to associate fairtrade with not the best quality but this has changed considerably over the years and now fairtrade can often be of better quality than mass produced products in large factories.

Earth Squared embraces fairtrade ethics by designing bags and accessories that people want in the UK but use the considerable skills of people in Vietnam where they handmake their products. The aritisans that produce Earth Squared bags were originally rice farmers earning a subsistent and irregular wage. Each seamstress now has a reliable income and can also afford to send their children to school. One of the most striking things about Earth Squared is the quality and attention
to detail of the design and creation process. The cloths used from satin silk and silk velvet for the jewellery rolls to felt and tweed fabrics for the bags is of an excellent quality and the finish is impeccable. This combined with the design flair of Earth Squared brings together the best of UK design and the creativity of the artisans making these jewellery rolls and bags.

We are happy to stock the gorgeous new range of jewellery rolls from Earth Squared which come in a variety of colours in rich silk velvet and the ever popular dot designs in silk satin. The rich plum coloured velvet jewellery roll is must for the coming season and the ever popular pink coloured velvet jewellery roll is great for a pretty girly look. The pretty satin jewellery rolls come in two colour options, subtle grey with silvery cream dots or navy with vibrant multi-coloured dots. The dot pattern is then followed through onto the interior of the jewellery roll. These jewellery rolls are still excellent value at £10.99 and make a great gift for her birthday or even as a thank you gift or just to let her know that you are thinking of her.

The Earth Squared bags have a luxurious feel that you just don't get from a fake leather handbag on the high street which may fall into this price range. They are also just a little bit more unique that the run of the mill offerings with an attention to design detail that you usually only get from more expensive bags. These designs include luxurious linings in dot designs and magnetic snap fastenings found on the ever popular Emily design handbag, here pictured in plum. Often the subtle design extras such as dots appear on the underside of the handles and bag of the bag to add that extra interest. The new Lola bag, here in aubergine has a zip fastening to make it even more secure. All bags have constrast coloured linings making it easier to find what you are looking for in your handbag.

Although you are guaranteed a great gift for her whatever you decide to purchase from Earth Squared, you also have the knowledge that each purchase helps Earth Squared to create more work opportunities for other disadvantaged women and change their lives ans those of their families.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Claudia Bradby Pearl Necklaces

We have increased our ever popular Claudia Bradby range by adding three new necklaces. The long and elegant white freshwater pearl rope necklace measures 50 inches so it can be worn in a number of ways. Either long loose, knotted, or coiled twice around your necklace.

These many looks that can be achieved are elegant and the lustre of real pearls is just that more special than the fake variety.
Similar to this is the Claudia Bradby pearl and ribbon necklace, which is designed to be warn doubled up and fastening with a beautiful mauve coloured ribbon. So pretty and unusual, Claudia Bradby Jewellery always has that designer edge that you just don't get everywhere on the High Street.

Finally, the delicate but striking Claudia Bradby bamboo silver beaded necklace with boroque pearl drop and small pearl charms is easy and light to wear with any outfit.

To tempt you further this summer all Claudia Bradby Jewellery has 20% off until August 31st 2010.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Martick Cranberry Hearts

Of all the wonderful Martick designs the most iconic is perhaps their murano glass hearts in cranberry. What sets Martick Murano Hearts apart from the competition is the quality and the design in which they are used, whether it is tiny red heart enclosed a ornate sterling silver locket such as the Martick Fancy Heart Locket or the simple Martick Cranberry Murano Heart Pendant there is something for all tastes.

New in is the Martick Murano Cranberry Heart Locket which is hung from a small beaded chain. This gives the look for a chocker style necklace only lower on the neck and much more comfortable to wear. This 16 inch beaded chain also has a 1.5 inch extension chain so it can wear it a little lower if you wish. The matching Murano Heart beaded bracelet also has a patterned silver heart charm for added interest. These bracelet beads are strung on a stretchy clear wire making this pendant and bracelet some of the easiest to wear jewellery. So if you want to inject a little romance into her life, beautiful red murano heart jewellery is the best option and lasts much much longer than a bunch of flowers.