Friday, 18 June 2010

Gifts for Friends

After gifts for Mum, and gifts for him be it Husband, Boyfriend or Dad, gifts for friends are probably the next thing on your ever increasing gift list. Whereas a man might buy a best friend a drink at the pub to say 'Happy Birthday' a women is much more likely to buy a gift for her female friends. This doesn't just happen with a gift for birthday it can be for that car lift home or because a friend has been particularly supportive or helpful during a not so great time for you.

Whatever the reason, the perfect gift as a gesture of thanks will always be received with surprise and thanks. So, the only question remains, what to buy? Us girls do bother to take time to think about the person for whom the gift is for, simply because that is what we do! If your friend has a bohomian side then an ethnic necklace or bracelet will be perfect such as those at Nkuku. Not only is Nkuku jewellery fair trade it is made from natural and recycled material - great for eco-warrior girl.

If your friend just likes pretty jewellery the Nkuku Mohini Earrings are sophisticated and pretty in equal measure and at £8.95 won't break the bank.

Gifts for Friends that are soon about to enjoy a break in sun will appreciate a beautiful jewellery roll or makeup bag to keep those holiday jewels and makeup essentials in. The Seek Unique new Ruby and Teal Jewellery Rolls and Makeup Bags are a prefect choice.

If she is a
Monica tidiness type friend then organisation is key and what better than an earring box. Afterall she is hardly the kind person to leave her earrings on her bedside cabinet when she gets in late.

If she is more of a sex in the
city type, then a glamourous present such as the Glitter mirror compact will make those lipstick fixes that much easier and will fit in to her day bag or evening bag.

If your friend prefers nothing better than a soak in the bath with a good book and a glass of wine, indulge her with a beautiful natural candle made in the Ribble Valley in the ever popular Shine fragrance. This is sure to ease away the stresses and strains of the day.

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