Friday, 5 February 2010

Pretty Chic

We may all be sitting in our layers of winter clothes and shuddering at the thought of yet more cold weather next week but it won't be long before we are welcoming Spring. Spring is one of my favourite times of the year. It signals the end of the going out and coming home in the dark and the de-icing of your car. I look forward to seeing daffodils pushing their heads through the ground, and realising that it is 6pm and not dark. Of course, the minute that there is some warm sunshine on my back I suddenly feel out of place in my dark heavy winter clothes. A bit in the same way you feel if go on holiday when it is winter in the UK and get off the plane wrapped up against the cold in much warmer climes.

Pretty is everywhere for this coming session, be it pretty pastel shades of clothes or makeup, pinks lilacs and peaches are ruling the catwalk which will ultimately filter down to the high street. This is perfect if you have fair skin and to do not want to be a slave to fake tan!! But what kind of pretty are you? This question was covered in the February edition of Vogue. It would seem that girly pretty involves flounces, and tiers and lots of looking sweet. It this is too much for you, that a womanly pretty is great for giving you that hourglass figure with light and pretty clothes that have a sophisticated edge. Just take a look at Mad Men on BBC4 if you want to see 1960's elegant fashions in possibly the best looking show on TV. Whatever pretty you are pearls and pink must come into the equation somewhere. They complete an outfit and work whether you are going for all out pastel shades or as a subtle hint of prettiness.

Claudia Bradby's pink pearls with the fabulous snakeskin patterned silver charm adds a modern look to a traditional necklace. Matching the bracelet and earrings will give you that perfectly groomed look and will work just as well with this season's pretty look or will jeans at the weekend. They make for a timeless gift for her from that someone special or if you want to buy a present for yourself.

Kauri's beautiful Mocha Pink jewellery is great for adding a bit of girly pink with the chocolate brown bead adding a richness to the piece. Again wear the necklace, earrings, and bracelet for the completely polished look.

Whether you love pastels and embrace them fully or whether you just want to add a subtle prettiness to your look this jewellery will make you feel polished and complete.

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