Saturday, 5 December 2009

Handbag Butler Handbag Hooks

OK ladies, you have invested your hard earned cash in the most beautiful and sumptuous leather handbag. It is all perfect without a mark or scuff, the smell of leather is only overshadowed by the expensive designer name. For most of us it is an affordable (well almost affordable) way of owning a little bit of that designer brand. Which is perhaps why designers are happy to have less expensive ranges of sunglasses, handbags and other accessories to meet this demand.

However careful you are with this bag be it rubbing handbag cream into it and storing it in that cloth bag it was packaged in, you will still have that inevitable moment when you are in a cafe or restaurant where your precious bag will end up on the floor. Hanging it on the back of a chair isn't always an option as it may well get caught as someone walks past or it will simply fall off. This is where handbag hooks come in useful.

The Rolls Royce of handbag hooks are the Handbag Butler Handbag Hooks. Not only do they look great, they can hold a bag up to 5kg which should cover the most out sized handbag that so many of us opt for. They come in range of glamourous prints and sparkling stones and are packaged in a little satin purse and branded pillow box, making it a perfect Christmas gift for her.

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