Monday, 8 June 2009

New Spaceform Miniature Tokens of Love

Spaceform make perfect gifts for her as they elegantly spell out your feelings so she can be left in no doubt as to how you feel.

This is especially true of our latest Spaceform Miniature Tokens one of which is engraved with 'love you' and just for good measure the words 'really really' are engraved on each side of the Spaceform Miniature Token.  

With the 80's pop music revival, just try not to sing the Pet Shop Boys songs when you look at the Spaceform 'You are are always on my mind' Miniature Token - she will certainly get the point.

Spaceform Miniature Tokens work just as well for gifts for her as they do for gifts for her, so ladies don't forget that the man in your life needs to hear words of love and romance too.

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