Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Gok’s Fashion Fix

Gok’s Fashion Fix is by far the best makeover programme on TV as it does not rely on cosmetic procedures to make people look good.  With exception of hair, makeup and a bit of fake tan it is all about the clothes and accessories.  In the Mandy’s Capsule wardrobe feature last night, Gok created a mix and match wardrobe from which Mandy could create several different looks all in clothes that flattered her figure and colouring.  Every outfit looked great and viewers could see Mandy’s confidence rocket as a result.  Gok has an empathy with the people he helps and makes every effort to make people feel good and this comes through in the programme.  

Gok is clearly brilliant at what he does, especially when he customizes high street fashion to look like cutting edge designer clothes.  The Face Off with Brix Smith-Start is Gok’s chance to beat the high end fashion with the high end prices.  He won this yet again last night.  For the ‘whites’ look a white shift dress from the high street was customised with white flowers for a great 60’s look.  I have to say I did really love Brix take on the whites with the Calvin Klein dress and Dior Bag but for many the cost of this designer fashion is just too high when paying for everything else!  So I say go for the high street armed with your inspiration from Gok and maybe just one or two designer accessories that won’t break the Bank such as the Angie Gooderham Silver Bracelet similar to the Angie Gooderham bracelet featured in Brix ‘whites’ outfit.

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