Saturday, 16 May 2009

Edwin Jagger – Times online May 16th 2009

There are many advertisements for the ‘mark of a man’ style disposable razors and shaving gels.  Never have I understood why this results in men in the commercials striking the razor so quickly over their face that they are likely to injure themselves, this just doesn’t seem like the most favourable method of shaving if you want to live to old age.  I am also not sure about the new vibrating razors either, they seem like a gimmick to me and do not look like they improve the closeness of a shave.  If like in the new Reggie Perrin series currently on BBC1 you really can’t take disposable razors too seriously, then, time to invest in an Edwin Jagger razor, and be guaranteed the best shave. 

This view has been sounded in the Times online ’The underground world and the shavegeek’ where they bring to attention how many online forums are dedicated to the mens shaving.  The truth of the matter is if you want a close shave akin to that of a shave delivered in a mens barbers then you need good quality tools.  This means an Edwin Jagger razor and rich shaving cream applied with an Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush.  The best badger brushes are the most effective way of applying shaving cream or soap to the skin as they work the shaving soap or cream into the beard so it is then easier to get a smooth shave with the razor.   The great thing about the Edwin Jagger razors is they provide the smoothest of shaves without have to resort to a Sweeney Todd style cut throat razor.  You can select from our range of Edwin Jagger Contemporary Shaving Kits which are less expensive than many of the Edwin Jagger Traditional Shaving Kits but are of the same very high quality.

Luck Leitch from The Times choose the Chatsworth Razor because it’s beautiful and it’s from a family-run Sheffield company.  He also ventures to say, that Edwin Jagger razors would make a revelatory present for any man for whom choosing gifts is difficult.

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