Monday, 2 March 2009

Taguabella – Organic Jewellery made from the Tagua nut

If you spend your lunch hour or weekend walking from one shop to another just trying to find that perfect piece of jewellery which will complete your outfit, you can be forgiven for having a feeling of  déjà-vu because it would seem that much of the High Street is selling similar jewellery designs.  Whilst fashionable jewellery is now far more accessible and less expensive in these highly competitive retail times.  If you would like fashionable jewellery that will last, look no further than Taguabella. 

Taguabella jewellery is fair-trade, which means the people that hand craft this jewellery are paid a fair wage.  The word ‘tagua’ in Taguabella is the clue to how this jewellery is made.  This fair trade jewellery is made from the ‘tagua’ nut of the Genus Phytelephas tree (known as the ivory-nut palm) indigenous to South American countries. The palm trees are organically and sustainably grown making them eco-friendly.  The nut is dried, and then sliced into beads from which beautiful individual pieces of jewellery can be handcrafted.  The shape of the nut dictates the shaped of the bead, so no two pieces of jewellery are exactly the same. 

Not only is Taguabella jewellery unique it also provides a boost the local economy in Colombia and is an alternative to cutting down the rainforests or killing elephants for their ivory.

Taguabella is available in a range of bright colours and more subtle earthy colours.  From the fuschia Taguabella Guajira necklace which adds colour to your face to the brown Guajira Taguabella necklace which looks great with a tan.  The Putamayo Taguabella necklace in black is striking with a summer white outfit or any black and white outfit for a sophisticated look.  Add the black Taguabella conga bracelet for the complete polished look.  

Alternatively, adding colour near your face is anti-ageing and also lifts the sometimes pale British complexion, just enough for people to remark ‘how well you look’!  The Putamayo Taguabella necklace in fuschia and pink is a great way to do this.  

You can accessorize further with earrings.  The turquoise Taguabella earrings are perfect with the Putamayo Taguabella Turquoise and blue necklace.

Whatever you choose, it will be a vote for individuality with great designs and fair trade jewellery to boot. 

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