Thursday, 26 February 2009

Make Mum feel special on Mother’s Day

After all your Mum does for you she deserves to be spoilt for at least one day a year.  So if breakfast in bed, or flowers delivered in person are not possible on the actual day, look for an alternative way of giving your Mother a gift on Mother’s Day.

As everyone tends to give flowers and chocolates, be a bit different and select gifts that will last.  A Spaceform miniature ‘Love You Mum’  token is an unusual way of showing how you feel.

A pretty heart shaped trinket plate will make a very pretty and useful addition to her dressing table.  This trinket plate is excellent for just placing those pair of earrings, spare buttons, and shopping receipts.

To add some organisation to her makeup, a makeup organiser in Iku from UCHI or the makeup organiser in Boutique from Bombay Duck is stylish and fun.  You could go a step further and add some lip gloss, mascara and brushes too.

For stylish Mums everywhere a handbag from Earth Squared is great for holding all those essentials that women insist in carrying around with them.  All Earth Squared bags are fair trade so Mum can feel good about that too. 

Beautiful Leather Jewellery Rolls from Dulwich Designs are perfect for carrying her valuables when travelling and maybe even to help organise her jewellery at home.

Whatever you choose this Mother’s Day Mum will be delighted with your present to her.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Organize yourself with Uchi wash bags and makeup bags

Cast you mind back a few years when organizing your toiletries or makeup for travelling meant using one of those rather sad looking drawstring bags with the white plastic lining.  Often purchased from the chemist, these non fashionable bags in an array of dazzling colours from, for example, black to navy were the only option to keep you toiletries away from your clothes in your suitcase, providing you pulled the drawstring tight enough and then were able to actually untie the knot when you reached your destination.  Of course you could always upgrade to a toilet bag with two handles and a zip, but unfortunately, these were all too often made from the most hideous flower pattern material imaginable – not exactly the best option either.

Thankfully, the world of wash bags and makeup bags has moved on and we are no longer resigned to buy such horrible looking and badly designed bags.  Leading the way for the most stylish looking, well made and practical wash bags is UCHI.  The excellent makeup organisers are must for ay girl whether she is organising her makeup at home or when travelling.  It contains a makeup brush holder, mirror and separate section for blusher, lipstick or gloss and mascara.  The small makeup bag/pouch is great to ‘slip into your handbag’ holding those makeup essentials.  The wash bag/hold all is great for a weekend away or for the gym where just few toiletries are required.  For the ultimate in organisation, the hanging wash bag and handbag bath bag are excellent.


The small and medium utility pouches are great for all those bits and bobs that clutter at the bottom of your handbag, such as change, receipts, lipstick, small ipods and pens.  They are easily the most stylish way to hold all these handbag necessities.

All UCHI wash bags and makeup bags co-co-ordinate with each other beautifully so the only really difficult decision is which size to choose? 

Friday, 6 February 2009

Save money and make Valentine’s Day memorable

It is very easy to get stuck in a rut when buying gifts. That favourite bottle of perfume or aftershave for Christmas, CD’s and Books for Birthday and for Valentine’s Day, a meal out and a bunch of flowers. Whilst these are lovely presents it is good to ring the changes, especially on the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day.

During this credit crunch/recession it is ever more obvious how much the cost of flowers and restaurants goes up as we get nearer to Valentine’s Day. If you wince at the thought of paying double for flowers or a meal out, you could try cooking a meal at home. Sit your loved one down for the evening and cook their favourite meal followed by a film curled up together. This is far more personal and with the money saved you can buy a surprise gift for them that lasts way after the last valentine’s flowers have wilted.

As Valentine’s Day unashamedly celebrates love, red hearts are certain to put her in the romantic mood and as women love to receive jewellery, Martick red heart jewellery ticks all the boxes.

The delicate fancy heart locket with silver heart charms is pretty and fashionable. The t-bar style necklace and bracelet with the red murano hearts are a perfect match and a timeless classic. All this jewellery is about half what you might spend on a meal out, so you can watch the pennies but will not look mean!

Gifts for him for valentine’s day can be more tricky, but a designer pair of cufflinks will stand out from his usual high street purchases. The Papuro leather wrap journal has an elegance which will encourage him to keep a journal starting with the wonderful valentine’s day he had when his loved one cooked him a special meal and gave him a Italian crafted journal.

Whatever you decide, set the ambience with beautifully fragranced ‘love’ candles combining different rose fragrances guaranteed to last much longer than flowers of the same name. Whatever you are planning, relax and enjoy each other, that’s something we could all spend more time doing.