Saturday, 5 December 2009

Handbag Butler Handbag Hooks

OK ladies, you have invested your hard earned cash in the most beautiful and sumptuous leather handbag. It is all perfect without a mark or scuff, the smell of leather is only overshadowed by the expensive designer name. For most of us it is an affordable (well almost affordable) way of owning a little bit of that designer brand. Which is perhaps why designers are happy to have less expensive ranges of sunglasses, handbags and other accessories to meet this demand.

However careful you are with this bag be it rubbing handbag cream into it and storing it in that cloth bag it was packaged in, you will still have that inevitable moment when you are in a cafe or restaurant where your precious bag will end up on the floor. Hanging it on the back of a chair isn't always an option as it may well get caught as someone walks past or it will simply fall off. This is where handbag hooks come in useful.

The Rolls Royce of handbag hooks are the Handbag Butler Handbag Hooks. Not only do they look great, they can hold a bag up to 5kg which should cover the most out sized handbag that so many of us opt for. They come in range of glamourous prints and sparkling stones and are packaged in a little satin purse and branded pillow box, making it a perfect Christmas gift for her.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New Lua Jewellery Rolls, Makeup Bags and Compact Mirrors

Just in time for Christmas, we have rich and beautiful velvet delights from British firm Lua. We have a selection of jewellery rolls in rich red to regal purple either with red satin ruffles, embroidered butterflies or dots or pretty stripes in shades of purple, pink and plum.

Individually these gifts make perfect stocking fillers as they are all priced under £11.99. What
mother, sister, daughter or best friend wouldn't be thrilled with such a pretty gift.

You can also create a matching gift for her by combining a jewellery roll, makeup bag and mirror compact in the ruffles or dot collections. Don't forget to add a gift box at checkout so not only will the Christmas present be taken care of but so will the wrapping.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Novelty Mugs

Long gone are the days where a chipped mug with a vague pattern on it was acceptable cup or mug behaviour. Although we may have moved away from a cup and saucer to a mug, this is only the start. If you, like many people these days, work from home then a novelty mug will put a smile on your face and even if you don’t work from home, there is still the psychology of having ’your mug’. Think about it, when you were a child didn’t your Mum and Dad each have their own mug so it was natural enough to follow this tradition.

Of course, if you work in an office, the ‘your mug’ thing can reach new levels of obsession. You will know what I am talking about if you have accidently taken someone else mug or your own mug disappears. There are few things that are going to annoy you more than having to track down your mug before 9am. Having a more unusual or novelty mug is part way to the answer, this will never look like a mug that someone has left behind or just one of those mugs that exist in the meeting rooms in your office.

Novelty Mugs make great gifts for her, especially if the recipient is a work colleague as they are under £10. The Keep Calm and Carry On mug should bring out the Dunkirk spirit which can be quite useful in an office environment. Any reference to shoes or chocolate are also appreciated by Women as it is generally something we all have in common. With this in mind the Vimrod Joy and Love Mug is ideal as is the 'Anything is good if it's made of chocolate' Jo Brand quote.

A novelty mug gift for him could be the Steve Wozniak quote ‘Never trust a computer you can’t throw out of the window’. He doesn’t have to be a geek to appreciate that. Remember a plain boring mug is a wasted opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New Martick Jewellery

Martick jewellery makes an excellent addition to any girl’s jewellery box. Martick Jewellery is pretty and stylish and incorporates beautiful murano glass hearts in many of it’s designs. All jewellery is made from sterling silver so she won’t have to stop wearing her favourite jewellery just because the silver has started coming off as it often does on cheaper jewellery.

The ever popular t-bar bracelet with murano heart is now available in turquoise, raspberry and silver to suit all tastes. We have also included a freshwater pearl drop pendant and matching earrings for a timeless and elegant look at an excellent price.

The really great thing about Martick is it appeals to all ages, so if you are looking for a gift for a wife, girlfriend, granddaughter, mother, sister or best friend, Martick is a perfect choice.

Monday, 8 June 2009

New Spaceform Miniature Tokens of Love

Spaceform make perfect gifts for her as they elegantly spell out your feelings so she can be left in no doubt as to how you feel.

This is especially true of our latest Spaceform Miniature Tokens one of which is engraved with 'love you' and just for good measure the words 'really really' are engraved on each side of the Spaceform Miniature Token.  

With the 80's pop music revival, just try not to sing the Pet Shop Boys songs when you look at the Spaceform 'You are are always on my mind' Miniature Token - she will certainly get the point.

Spaceform Miniature Tokens work just as well for gifts for her as they do for gifts for her, so ladies don't forget that the man in your life needs to hear words of love and romance too.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Father's Day Gifts for Father's Day on 21st June 2009

If you are looking for Father’s Day gift ideas for under £10 then we have excellent Spaceform Dad miniature tokens with either a gold star or a red heart .  These Spaceform Miniature Tokens make excellent Father’s Day gifts for him as they look great and do not cost a fortune.  

If Dad is a football fan then select a Charles Buchan Mug.  There are four designs to choose from for his Father’s Day gifts and cost £9.99 including free postage and packaging.  If your budget is a little bit more there are also other Charles Buchan gifts to choose including a Charles Buchan Flask, Hip Flask and Football all under £20. 

We have many more gifts that make perfect Father’s Day gifts so make sure you take the time to look for a gift that is just right for him.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Angie Gooderham Sale

Turn a boring outfit into one to be noticed with Angie Gooderham Statement Jewellery.  You can rely on Angie Gooderham to bring a designer edge in her jewellery design and the use of high quality materials in production.  Her classic pendants such as the Angie Gooderham clear heart pendant will never go out of fashion and all of her jewellery is incredibly versatile managing to be just as wearable in the daytime or evening.

With summer showing signs of appearing, jewellery can be a really easy way to dress up a plain dress and make it look individual.  Of course, you can wear the same jewellery with many different outfits and still retain that look of individuality.

We have just made accessorizing with Angie Gooderham jewellery easier still as our prices have been reduced so you can have that designer jewellery look at a lower cost. 


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Jo Edwards Sale

Just in time for Summer Holidays, we are reducing all of our Jo Edwards wash bags so that organizing your suitcase doesn’t need to be as expensive as you might think.  There are just a few things a girl requires from her wash bag.

Arguably the most important factor is that it is large enough to carry all her pampering products as she really won’t like leaving anything out she ‘might’ use.  A wash bag should also be easy to find in her suitcase, a black wash bag is not easy to find unless it has a bright pattern as most interiors of suitcases are black not to mention the numerb of black clothes we all live in and are likely to pack too.  Then there is the number of compartments within the wash bag to be considered – who would have thought it would be so complicated.  Fortunately, if you are looking for gift for her or a gift to spoil yourself, you can rely on Jo Edwards wash bags for great designs that you won’t find everywhere on the High Street.  You will be buying a piece of designer style without having to spend a fortune, in fact these prices have just got much better with the start of our sale.  There are a couple of designs where the smaller and larger wash bags are still available which should take care of your two week holiday needs or just use the smaller bag for a night away.

The Jo Edwards sale lasts until the end of May or until stocks run out, so don’t delay and get organized before your summer holiday.


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Edwin Jagger – Times online May 16th 2009

There are many advertisements for the ‘mark of a man’ style disposable razors and shaving gels.  Never have I understood why this results in men in the commercials striking the razor so quickly over their face that they are likely to injure themselves, this just doesn’t seem like the most favourable method of shaving if you want to live to old age.  I am also not sure about the new vibrating razors either, they seem like a gimmick to me and do not look like they improve the closeness of a shave.  If like in the new Reggie Perrin series currently on BBC1 you really can’t take disposable razors too seriously, then, time to invest in an Edwin Jagger razor, and be guaranteed the best shave. 

This view has been sounded in the Times online ’The underground world and the shavegeek’ where they bring to attention how many online forums are dedicated to the mens shaving.  The truth of the matter is if you want a close shave akin to that of a shave delivered in a mens barbers then you need good quality tools.  This means an Edwin Jagger razor and rich shaving cream applied with an Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush.  The best badger brushes are the most effective way of applying shaving cream or soap to the skin as they work the shaving soap or cream into the beard so it is then easier to get a smooth shave with the razor.   The great thing about the Edwin Jagger razors is they provide the smoothest of shaves without have to resort to a Sweeney Todd style cut throat razor.  You can select from our range of Edwin Jagger Contemporary Shaving Kits which are less expensive than many of the Edwin Jagger Traditional Shaving Kits but are of the same very high quality.

Luck Leitch from The Times choose the Chatsworth Razor because it’s beautiful and it’s from a family-run Sheffield company.  He also ventures to say, that Edwin Jagger razors would make a revelatory present for any man for whom choosing gifts is difficult.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

New Dulwich Designs Jewellery Boxes

Dulwich Design jewellery boxes have an exquisite leather finish and make great gifts for her.  We have a number of jewellery boxes in different sizes to meet her jewellery storage needs.  If she loves to accessorize with jewellery theDulwich Designs large chocolate brown jewellery box will be essential and because it is brown leather it is sure to tone in with your bedroom or dressing room decor wonderfully.  It also comes complete with a travel jewellery box so you can keep your precious jewellery in order when travelling.  

If she loves girly pink then look no further than the blush pink Dulwich Design jewellery boxes complete with crystal heart for the ultimate in jewellery box glamour.  This beautifully made jewellery box comes in two sizes and is finished with an anti-tarnish lining.

New to our range of jewellery boxes is our smaller Dulwich Designs chocolate brown jewellery box which although smaller to put on your dressing table has plenty of room with 2 internal drawers on the 2nd level and several separate sections on the top level to help you organize your jewels.

If you rather have classic black, the Dulwich designs Black Jewellery box is elegant and provides you with everything you need to keep that previous jewellery locked away.

Whatever you choose, these jewellery boxes will last for years so it is time to invest in one of these lovely jewellery boxes for her birthday. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Gok’s Fashion Fix

Gok’s Fashion Fix is by far the best makeover programme on TV as it does not rely on cosmetic procedures to make people look good.  With exception of hair, makeup and a bit of fake tan it is all about the clothes and accessories.  In the Mandy’s Capsule wardrobe feature last night, Gok created a mix and match wardrobe from which Mandy could create several different looks all in clothes that flattered her figure and colouring.  Every outfit looked great and viewers could see Mandy’s confidence rocket as a result.  Gok has an empathy with the people he helps and makes every effort to make people feel good and this comes through in the programme.  

Gok is clearly brilliant at what he does, especially when he customizes high street fashion to look like cutting edge designer clothes.  The Face Off with Brix Smith-Start is Gok’s chance to beat the high end fashion with the high end prices.  He won this yet again last night.  For the ‘whites’ look a white shift dress from the high street was customised with white flowers for a great 60’s look.  I have to say I did really love Brix take on the whites with the Calvin Klein dress and Dior Bag but for many the cost of this designer fashion is just too high when paying for everything else!  So I say go for the high street armed with your inspiration from Gok and maybe just one or two designer accessories that won’t break the Bank such as the Angie Gooderham Silver Bracelet similar to the Angie Gooderham bracelet featured in Brix ‘whites’ outfit.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Angie Gooderham in Red Magazine June 2009

In the ‘Runway to Real Life’ feature in the June edition of Red magazine, they have taken their six favourite designer pieces straight from the catwalk and have put them into an everyday wardrobe.  To accessorize these looks they have used funky accessories including Angie Gooderham silver bangles.  This proves how leading edge Angie Gooderham’s jewellery is as it appears in the same feature as jewellery from Burberry Prorsum and clothes from Prada.  The silver bangles featured are from a range from Angie Gooderham which make a great addition to a high fashion outfit or go just as well with jeans and a white shirt for a more classical look.

As with all Angie Gooderham jewellery high fashion meets quality at a reasonable price and it is this that sets her jewellery apart from the competition.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

New Birthday Competition for May 2009

Please see our new Birthday Competition launched yesterday.  All you have to do to enter is fill at the form at the bottom of the page with the best Birthday present you have ever given, received or would hope to receive.  It doesn't have to be a gift from although if you are need of some inspiration take a look at our birthday gifts for her page.

The competition closes on June 30th, so don't delay and enter today!! 

Monday, 27 April 2009

New for Summer from Kazuri and Taguabella

With Gold, Cream, Buttermilk, and Taupe coloured ceramic beads, the Kazuri Pita Pat Ambesoli Necklace is perfect for Summer.  These colours will add warmth to your skin whilst you work up your tan, which can take some time in the British climate.  You can also add the Kazuri Ambesoli bracelet and the Kazuri Ambesoli earrings to complete the look. 

Taguabella organic jewellery makes a great gift for the eco friendly girl.  We have increased our range of Taguabella to include the chunky Taguabella Orinoco Necklace in Black and Ivory or Aqua.  Also we have selected the ‘wear every day’ Taguabella Baru necklace in Turquoise for a truly summer look. 

There are so many styles and colours available so make sure you take a look at both Kazuri and Taguabella jewellery ranges, and whatever you select you can feel good about the fact that it is fair trade too. 

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Angie Gooderham in The Times Magazine on 18th April 2009 and in April Vogue 2009

Angie Gooderham has been featured on page 45 of the Saturday Times Magazine (April 18th 2009).  Her fabulous bangles are must have this spring summer and beyond and give a real designer look at a very reasonable price.

A gold Angie Gooderham bracelet has also been featured in April Vogue 2009 'trend shoot' proving (as if proof were needed) that Angie Gooderham jewellery has a leading fashion edge.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Healthy low calorie gift ideas for Easter 2009

Easter starts with Good Friday, which is on April 10th, this year and a serving of Hot Crossed Buns covered in rich creamy butter.  This is followed by chocolate Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday.  These are wonderful traditions but for various reasons you may want to consider healthier lower calorie alternative gifts this year. 

May be you are just watching your weight, may be you are trying to reduce your cholesterol intake, maybe you don’t like chocolate or hot crossed buns, whatever the reason Easter doesn’t need to be packed with calories and cholesterol.

When you consider how expensive good Easter Eggs can be you can find some very nice gifts, which will last much longer for the same price.

Easter, somewhat like Christmas, is a good time for families to get together and enjoy a relaxing day.  If you cannot all be together at Easter, Easter cards are a good way of letting someone know you are thinking of them.  However, a good hand crafted Easter card can also be quite expensive and only lasts a few days at best. 

The traditional standby alternative to Easter Eggs is a good bouquet of flowers but these days’ flowers can be expensive, short lived and many people don’t like the smell of the pollen in their homes.  Many people also question the impact cut flowers have on the environment as they are often raised in heated greenhouses in colder parts of the World or companies fly them in from tropical parts of the world in refrigerated containers to keep them fresh.  If you know someone really likes flowers then it’s not a bad gift but for the same price there are better alternatives gifts.

Keepsake tokens make lovely gifts and they will last for years to come.  They come in many shapes and sizes from silver hearts engraved with names, and messages to miniature glass keepsakes in pretty colours and designs such as those from Spaceform of London. 

If you are buying a gift for the lady in your life, an Earth Squared sumptuous velvet jewellery roll is an inexpensive gift that she will treasure for many years.  To make Easter really memorable, a stunning piece of jewellery is a sure way to make her day. 

For the man in your life a Simon Carter polished pair of cufflinks will mean he looks stylish throughout the year and brighten up his look as we move into spring. 

If you need to send a gift to someone else this Easter why not look online for gift companies that can make the gift extra special for you.  Good companies offer same day despatch, next day delivery, luxury gift boxes and complementary gift cards to which you can add your own message.  Shopping for Easter gifts online can save you time, save you money and save the impact a trip to the shops would have on the environment. Shopping online also opens up a much wider range of alternative gift ideas for Easter.

If you don’t want to completely leave the calories behind this Easter, a Charles Buchan designer mug or cup and saucer filled with a small selection of homemade fudge is a creative and non-chocolate treat, which will show you have really made an effort.

Last but definitely, no means least, don’t forget the people with Birthdays at Easter this year.  If it is someone’s birthday on Good Friday (13th April 2009), do not buy them chocolate, be a little more creative rather than taking the easy option.  Make the effort and select a beautiful gift as you would if their birthday any other time of year.  Designer Jewellery Rolls from Dulwich Designs make excellent gifts for women of all ages and are great with the holiday season fast approaching.  For men luxurious Shaving sets from Edwin Jagger of Sheffield are a great addition to his shaving routine and will look wonderful in your bathroom.

However you decide to celebrate Easter this year and whatever gifts you decide to give your friends, have a wonderful relaxing break.



Friday, 20 March 2009

Angie Gooderham in Vogue April 2009 and Women and Home April 2009

Spring is now most definitely in the air. Blue skies and warm sunshine on your back gives you a wonderful feeling after such a cold winter. Clothes in bright colours are now everywhere in the shops which will be a welcome lift in all this economic doom and gloom. There use to be a time, where if you had the classic British pale skin look, you were not meant to wear bright colours but the youthful benefits of brighter colours near your face have been voiced for some time now.

If you are still feeling a little shy of brightly coloured clothes, start with just one brighter colour such as a top or jacket or accessorize with brighter colours.

A statement piece of jewellery from Angie Gooderham whose bright yellow bangle was featured in Women and Home (April 2009) – page 32 is a fun way to add a bit of colour. If this seems a bit ambitious or you would prefer a necklace, then go for pretty rather than too bright with Angie Gooderham’s mixed pink and silver bead necklace which adds girly but sophisticated touch to your look.

The gold resin Gold resin cuff as featured in Vogue (April 2009) – page 199 is not for the faint hearted. However, gold bangles are timeless and add an instant elegance to a spring/Summer outfit. Try the Angie Gooderham gold resin bangle below and you can wear it for years to come.

Accessorising is an excellent way to inject some life into an outfit without the expense of a whole new look.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Kleshna and Annie Lennox – Women & Home Magazine April 2009

On April 2009 Woman & Home magazine, Annie Lennox is wearing a statement black crystal necklace from Kleshna.  Kleshna handcrafts her jewellery designs and her name means ‘stealer of hearts’ in Russian.  Her necklaces have a ‘wow’ factor in part due to the stunning crystals she uses. 

If your purse strings won’t reach to a custom made Kleshna piece, her Baccus necklace holds all the allure of her stunning bespoke jewellery but at a price we can all afford.

The Kleshna Baccus Necklace consists of a pendant made of a cluster of crystals, often likened to a ‘bunch of grapes’.  The pendant is so tactile you won’t be able to stop playing with it or looking at it.  In silver or clear Aurora Borealis AB crystals, these Kleshna long chain pendants are simply beautiful.  The matching Kleshna Silver Bracelet  or Aurora Borealis Bracelet are a perfect match to complete an outfit.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

New Claudia Bradby Pearl Earrings

Coco Chanel said that ‘Fashion Fades, only style remains’ she also wore rows and rows of long pearls which have, of course, never gone of fashion.  So if you want to purchase jewellery that you will be wearing for years to come, pearls are the answer.  Although rows of pearl necklaces look sophisticated and striking, you may find you need a more subtle approach for daytime, this is where pearl earrings add a touch of elegance be it if you are wearing jeans or a more formal outfit.

Some of the best pearl jewellery around is created by Claudia Bradby.  Her earrings are delicate and perfect to take you from daytime to evening and even weddings.  The simple and elegant Claudia Bradby baroque style pearls and Claudia Bradby long teardrop pearls are timeless and complete a polished look.  The Claudia Bradby pearl drop earrings with pale pink quartz bead adds a pretty note to these beautiful earrings. 

Heart shaped jewellery continues to the a year on year favourite, and the Claudia Bradby silver battered heart earrings with a freshwater pearl adds a modern sophistication to these beautiful earrings. 

We will have more Claudia Bradby jewellery next month so keep looking for updates.