Sunday, 9 November 2008

Cufflinks from Simon Carter

As people continue to dress down for work, men are wearing ties less and less. With the exception of the stoic professions such as Banking and Law that still dictate formal attire, ties are fast becoming a thing of the past. However, not the same can be said of cufflinks. Smart shirts can be combined with blazers in cord and velvet, jeans and smart shoes or Chelsea boots in an acknowledgment of smart meets causal. Cufflinks look stylish and fun irrespective of whether a tie is worn. The king of cufflinks himself, Simon Carter, continues to combine high quality materials with creative design making Simon Carter Cufflinks high on any mans wish list.

His aspirin cufflinks continue to be a best seller and what’s more they are engineered and made in the UK. His onyx and mother of pearl cufflinks have a subtle elegance to them and are great for a casual or more formal look.

In an understated look the black union jack cufflinks will bring out his patriotic side. Whereas the Dorium plated brass curved dumbell cufflinks have a quality that cheaper cufflinks do not all for £21.99. Cufflinks are a great gift for him, but make sure you go for designs from Simon Carter rather than cheaper alternatives for a marked difference in quality.

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