Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Back to Black with a splash of colour from Kazuri

No doubt all of us ladies will have seen that black is back for the Autumn/Winter.  So just as you reach for your safe black clothes of which we all have plenty, it is worth considering that whilst black can look very chic and flattering to the figure, it can also look a bit drab and can make the fair skinned amongst us look very washed out.  It is possible to get round this by accessorizing with a bit of colour.  Red shoes or a handbag or jewellery can look great against a black canvas, as can most bright colours.  If you fancy something a little more demure, colours in chocolate and white can lift and keep the sophisticated edge.

Kazuri jewellery can really lift an outfit as it comes in many colours.  To follow the red theme, the Kazuri necklace, bracelet and earrings in cherry will complete a black outfit with striking effect.

If red is just a bit too eye catching and you would feel more comfortable in something more subtle, then the Beehive Gaby necklace combines chocolates and bronze for a rich looking finish.  If you like to keep it more golden than chocolate coloured, then the Pita Pat necklace in Gold is a excellent alternative.  If you love winter white but don’t love the drying cleaning bills that accompany clothes in such a colour, then the white mother of pearl look necklace, bracelet and earrings are just perfect and will see you through into Spring Summer.

Whatever you choose to accessorise your black clothes, remember black is chic but black clothes that have faded to charcoal sometimes even with a hint of green are not!  Scour the high street for some new black basics if your clothes fall into this category.  

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