Saturday, 22 November 2008

Charles Buchan Mugs

Finding a Christmas present under £10 for him can be difficult.  Leaving aside the multipack socks or boxer shorts, which you always give him every Christmas, make sure you ring the changes this year and surprise him with something different.

Most people will have a favourite mug to use at home or in the office, the use of someone else mug is just so socially unacceptable and will annoy the owner.  With this in mind, make sure he stands out from the crowd with one of these Charles Buchan mugs.

These dishwasher safe ceramic mugs feature pictures from a bygone error of football.  Back in 1951 Britain’s first glossy football magazine was the voice of football, cheering up a grey post-war nation with its integrity and sparkling analysis.  These printed mugs come in four designs , white, blue, yellow and a montage design presented in a Charles Buchan branded gift box.

This printed mug is a grand reminder of how it was back then – hot shots, hot coca, chivalry and Brylcreme.  It was the golden age of football.  If you want to spend a bit more then team this mug with Charles Buchan flask, wallet or football from the rest of our Charles Buchan range.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Leather Jewellery Rolls make sophisticated gifts for her this Christmas

With all the doom and gloom around you could be forgiven for thinking Christmas had been cancelled. However, if you venture to the High Street you will notice that it appears to be as busy as it has ever been. So if you want to beat the crowds this Christmas and you are looking for the best price, on-line shopping is the answer.

The important thing with on-line shopping is to get organized and order early. Not only does this ensure you will receive your order well before the 25th December it also helps spread the cost of Christmas.

If you want a sophisticated gift for her this Christmas then leather jewellery rolls are little piece of luxury at a reasonable price. Not only that, it is a practical gift too that comes in a range of colours so there is something to suit everyone. The range starts from £25.99 including free standard delivery. Whether she prefers a classic brown leather jewellery roll or a fashionable purple this is a gift that she can use for years to come.

If you are looking for a gift under £20 the glitzy black patent faux leather jewellery with hot pink satin lining is a great alternative to leather.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Back to Black with a splash of colour from Kazuri

No doubt all of us ladies will have seen that black is back for the Autumn/Winter.  So just as you reach for your safe black clothes of which we all have plenty, it is worth considering that whilst black can look very chic and flattering to the figure, it can also look a bit drab and can make the fair skinned amongst us look very washed out.  It is possible to get round this by accessorizing with a bit of colour.  Red shoes or a handbag or jewellery can look great against a black canvas, as can most bright colours.  If you fancy something a little more demure, colours in chocolate and white can lift and keep the sophisticated edge.

Kazuri jewellery can really lift an outfit as it comes in many colours.  To follow the red theme, the Kazuri necklace, bracelet and earrings in cherry will complete a black outfit with striking effect.

If red is just a bit too eye catching and you would feel more comfortable in something more subtle, then the Beehive Gaby necklace combines chocolates and bronze for a rich looking finish.  If you like to keep it more golden than chocolate coloured, then the Pita Pat necklace in Gold is a excellent alternative.  If you love winter white but don’t love the drying cleaning bills that accompany clothes in such a colour, then the white mother of pearl look necklace, bracelet and earrings are just perfect and will see you through into Spring Summer.

Whatever you choose to accessorise your black clothes, remember black is chic but black clothes that have faded to charcoal sometimes even with a hint of green are not!  Scour the high street for some new black basics if your clothes fall into this category.  

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Cufflinks from Simon Carter

As people continue to dress down for work, men are wearing ties less and less. With the exception of the stoic professions such as Banking and Law that still dictate formal attire, ties are fast becoming a thing of the past. However, not the same can be said of cufflinks. Smart shirts can be combined with blazers in cord and velvet, jeans and smart shoes or Chelsea boots in an acknowledgment of smart meets causal. Cufflinks look stylish and fun irrespective of whether a tie is worn. The king of cufflinks himself, Simon Carter, continues to combine high quality materials with creative design making Simon Carter Cufflinks high on any mans wish list.

His aspirin cufflinks continue to be a best seller and what’s more they are engineered and made in the UK. His onyx and mother of pearl cufflinks have a subtle elegance to them and are great for a casual or more formal look.

In an understated look the black union jack cufflinks will bring out his patriotic side. Whereas the Dorium plated brass curved dumbell cufflinks have a quality that cheaper cufflinks do not all for £21.99. Cufflinks are a great gift for him, but make sure you go for designs from Simon Carter rather than cheaper alternatives for a marked difference in quality.