Friday, 24 October 2008

Fair Trade Gifts

People like the concept of fair trade, after all, it is extremely desirable to ensure that you are buying products that have not been produced as a results of sweat shop or child labour. It is not unreasonable in this day and age to expect that workers around the world can receive a fair days pay and are able to work in safe conditions. If we support fair trade, hopefully, certain practices that occur today which exploit vulnerable people in some of the poorest countries will become a thing of the past.

Fair trade isn’t just about coffee, tea and sugar, important though that is, it can also take other forms, we are now seeing more clothes where fair trade cotton is used, however, we do not see as many fair trade products that could be placed in the gift category.

Consumers have high expectations and it is not enough for products to be fair trade, they have to look stylish and be of an excellent quality too. Kazuri jewellery is an excellent example of this. Kazuri (which means small and beautiful in Swahili) is made by hand in Kenya and employs 300 local women. In an age of mass produced goods, this fair trade jewellery stands out as being individually crafted with each piece of jewellery being slightly different.

Earth squared bags, jewellery rolls and purses are fair trade in a number of developing countries. Their products are made and finished to an extremely high standard. The jewellery rolls are an excellent price at just £10.99 and the bags are fashionable and practical.

Our search for additional fair trade gifts at affordable prices continues, therefore ensuring that both the creators of the gifts and the people that buy the gifts get a fair deal.

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