Monday, 27 October 2008

Christmas Stocking and Secret Santa Gifts

Traditionally Christmas Stockings were pinned over the mantel piece and would be filled with fruit, sweets, chocolate and other small toys for children to find on Christmas morning. People often use the term ‘stocking fillers’ today to describe small extra gifts that people give alongside other larger gifts, especially for children, or for when a smaller but thoughtful gift is required.

To keep the cost of Christmas down, groups of people such as colleagues can hold a ‘secret santa’, where a budget is set, usually between £5 to £15 and everyone in the group buys a present for one other person. This is usually decided by a draw out of a hat. This not only gets rid of awkwardness about who buys a present for whom but also helps to get everyone into the festive mood.

The only thing left is to decide is what to buy. Joke presents can work well but are not for everyone. You could start browsing our selection of Stocking Fillers which range from £3.99 to £14.95. You can sort by price bands and there is handcrafted chocolate from £3.99 to a Charles Buchan Flask at £14.95 and over 50 other gifts to choose from.

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