Friday, 31 October 2008

Christmas Gifts for Her and for Him

Christmas gifts for family and friends often means you want to buy something special. Special doesn’t have to mean expensive, just simply money well spent on a gift that shows thought and imagination.

A great gift for her is jewellery. Either concentrate your efforts on finding one great piece of jewellery such as Angie Gooderham’s show stopping designed necklaces

or instead combine a necklace, bracelet and earrings from Kazuri for a matching set of jewellery.

Combining different types of gifts with a similar theme is also is an excellent idea, such as a pendant from Martick and a beautiful jewellery roll from Jo Edwards.

Gifts for him can be difficult at the best of times but when it is for Christmas and there are lots of things on your to-do list, ensure that the men in your life are not forgotten with a Edwin Jagger Shaving Kit or Travel Shaving kit.

If he is a football fan, then the Charles Buchan Football Nostalgia Wallet or wash bag make excellent gifts for under £30.

There is no need to break the bank this Christmas to purchase a thoughtful gift that she or he will be thrilled to receive. Take a look at our Christmas To-do list to help you plan the holiday season.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Christmas Stocking and Secret Santa Gifts

Traditionally Christmas Stockings were pinned over the mantel piece and would be filled with fruit, sweets, chocolate and other small toys for children to find on Christmas morning. People often use the term ‘stocking fillers’ today to describe small extra gifts that people give alongside other larger gifts, especially for children, or for when a smaller but thoughtful gift is required.

To keep the cost of Christmas down, groups of people such as colleagues can hold a ‘secret santa’, where a budget is set, usually between £5 to £15 and everyone in the group buys a present for one other person. This is usually decided by a draw out of a hat. This not only gets rid of awkwardness about who buys a present for whom but also helps to get everyone into the festive mood.

The only thing left is to decide is what to buy. Joke presents can work well but are not for everyone. You could start browsing our selection of Stocking Fillers which range from £3.99 to £14.95. You can sort by price bands and there is handcrafted chocolate from £3.99 to a Charles Buchan Flask at £14.95 and over 50 other gifts to choose from.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Fair Trade Gifts

People like the concept of fair trade, after all, it is extremely desirable to ensure that you are buying products that have not been produced as a results of sweat shop or child labour. It is not unreasonable in this day and age to expect that workers around the world can receive a fair days pay and are able to work in safe conditions. If we support fair trade, hopefully, certain practices that occur today which exploit vulnerable people in some of the poorest countries will become a thing of the past.

Fair trade isn’t just about coffee, tea and sugar, important though that is, it can also take other forms, we are now seeing more clothes where fair trade cotton is used, however, we do not see as many fair trade products that could be placed in the gift category.

Consumers have high expectations and it is not enough for products to be fair trade, they have to look stylish and be of an excellent quality too. Kazuri jewellery is an excellent example of this. Kazuri (which means small and beautiful in Swahili) is made by hand in Kenya and employs 300 local women. In an age of mass produced goods, this fair trade jewellery stands out as being individually crafted with each piece of jewellery being slightly different.

Earth squared bags, jewellery rolls and purses are fair trade in a number of developing countries. Their products are made and finished to an extremely high standard. The jewellery rolls are an excellent price at just £10.99 and the bags are fashionable and practical.

Our search for additional fair trade gifts at affordable prices continues, therefore ensuring that both the creators of the gifts and the people that buy the gifts get a fair deal.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Jewellery Rolls – a perfect gift for her for Christmas or any occassion

As women’s jewellery boxes creak at the strain of holding all their wonderful statement jewellery and the pressure to accessorize an outfit with the perfect jewellery be it at home or on your travels mounts, a jewellery roll might just be the most perfect gift for Christmas.

However neatly you place a necklace into a drawer it invariably manages to attach itself to something else resulting in a tangle. Organization is the key to looking after jewellery and easily being able to lay your hands on that perfect necklace that you may well have bought an outfit to go with.

Luckily jewellery rolls provide a pretty and cost effective solution. There is a extensive choice of fabrics, colours, and sizes to choose from that look equally stylish on dressing tables, in handbags and for that weekend away. Choose silk velvet for a luxurious feel with our fair trade range of jewellery rolls in french navy and cranberry to name but two. The fact that they are fair trade means that not only do you get a great present but you can feel good about buying a gift where the workers are paid a fair wage and work in good conditions. You can also select silk jewellery rolls with embroidered and beaded dragonfly designs at £9.99.

So whether it is her birthday or a friend in need of cheering up, jewellery rolls make the perfect gift for her during the credit crunch that won’t break the bank.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Kate Moss wears Angie Gooderham – Vogue October 2008

Every month at least one, if not many, leading magazines feature Angie Gooderham jewellery every month. The October edition of Vogue is no exception with Kate Moss wearing their fantastic studded silver coloured metal cuff. Angie Gooderham has been designing jewellery for over 20 years and is inspired by the creativity and bold use of colour seen in remote parts of the world, as well as by the soft balances and contrasts found in nature. Her intuitive eye for colour and shape is evident in her designs for each season.

Angie’s highly fashionable statement pieces can transform an average outfit into a memorable one and whilst her jewellery incorporates all that is up-to-the-minute in fashion jewellery, the timeless elegance of items such as her antique gold colour bangles will be admired year after year. Statement jewellery is no longer just something to be worn at night, it works to enhance a daytime outfit for the office too. Try her short beaded necklaces and bracelets, in shades of teal and black (as pictured) or silver and black for a sophisticated elegance. If you are looking for some evening glamour simply add some of Angie Gooderhams silver bangles in different sizes. These bracelets looked great when worn stacked on your arm or for a more subtle daytime look, just wear one.

Angie Gooderham strikes the perfect balance between fashion, style and price to create desirable jewellery that any woman would be thrilled to receive as a gift for Christmas.