Thursday, 21 August 2008

New Martick Jewellery Range

We have increased our range of Martick Designer silver jewellery to include many of their latest pieces. This includes their Large Bohemian glass heart and silver rose pendant in red, purple and aqua. As ever Martick have kept their famous murano glass heart pendants at the centre of the collection, so we have increased the colours we stock by adding a heart pendant in Blackberry, Turquoise and Platinum.

Although the heart pendants continue to be popular, we have also introduced other pendants to add more variation to the range. This includes the perfume bottle and charms pendant which incorporates a fully functioning screw top perfume bottle, an amethyst and detachable gold plated swallow charms. The blue goldstone large disc pendant is a real statement piece with the added interest of the sparkling goldstone which catches the light. The sterling silver oval locket has a timeless elegance and the velvet ribbon adds an additional sophistication.

Martick continues to create beautiful quality jewellery with a fashionable edge, and we are very happy to stock it at

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